How Sport Boost My Grade in School

Topics: Teacher, Punctuality, High school football Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Let me cite my last year story,I don't like school but only like playing football. I got really bad academic results since I went to football courts everyday and watching live matches at night ,so I went to bed very late. This caused me a lack of energy in school and I was always late. Having no energy doesn't only weaken my punctuality but has also been a hindrance on my study. As I felt really frustrated in front of the textbooks,worksheets and notes. I always fell asleep in class. At that time,I thought study gave me a mournful experience and hard time.

In the second semester, my friend saw me like this and recommended me to join the school football team as I am a soccer enthusiast. I joined the team and the coach is tough. He have set several rules for the team members. One of them is training in the morning at 7:00 before school. Thus, I have to sleep earlier in order to keep myself awake in the lessons.

It did not only help me to become more disciplined as I need to wake up earlier to be punctual and join the practice. Also,I realized the importance to be concentrate during lesson since the coach encouraged and told me how academic is important for my future.

My academic performances have improved after joining the team.Therefore, I believe that sports helped me to boost grades by having a better time management and understanding of the content that the teachers have taught in class.
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