How Specific System Used in an Organization Has Transformed How the Organization Operates.

Topics: Pension, Employment compensation, Emergency medical technician Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Taylor Ambulance Company offers a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects the high value we place on our employees. Our commitment to ongoing training provides each employee the opportunity for professional development while keeping pace with today's technological advancements. Taylor Ambulance Company Ambulance offers:

Top field compensation, plus call bonuses and growth potential Major Medical, Vision and Dental Care
Employee Life Insurance
401(k) Retirement Plan
Flexible work schedules.
SALARY: Employees are eligible for merit increases from 1 to 4 salary steps after the first 6 months of employment, and thereafter annually based on their work performance and until they reach the top of their 12 step salary range. Employees with 60 college-level semester units or completion of an approved course from the Universal Technical Institute or equivalent receive 2.5% of base salary per month. Employees with 90 college-level semester units receive 3% of base salary per month. Employees with a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university receive 5.5% of base salary per month. The maximum attainable educational incentive pay is 5.5% of base salary. OTHER SPECIALTY PAYS: Employees under special classifications, or assignments, or who possess specialized skills/training/certification may be eligible for other specialty pays such as: 1) Bilingual pay at 30 cents per hour,

3) Emergency medical dispatch pays at 5% of the employee's base hourly rate 4) Move-up supervisor pay at 5% of the employee's base hourly rate. 5) Hazardous materials assignment pays at 5% of the employee's base hourly rate 7) Night assignment pay at 5% of employee's base hourly rate with a minimum of 60 cents per hour and a maximum of $1.50 per hour while on night assignment, 8) Emergency medical technician pay at 5% of employee's base hourly rate (applies to full-time Emergency Transportation Technician) SOCIAL SECURITY: Authority employees are not covered by Social...
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