How Singaporean Locals Responded to British Rule After Ww Ii

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  • Published : December 25, 2011
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How Locals Responded To British Rule After WW II
British Return
* Conditions were bad
* Many strikes occurred; 1947 known as ‘year of strikes’ * Malayan Communist Party (MCP) gained support from people and started campaign of forcing the British out of Malaya * MCP slowly took control over many trade unions in Malaya Change in mindset

* Felt that British has failed to defend Singapore
* Many of them had helped and some died to defend Singapore and thus now feels that it is their island now * Realised that British is willing to decolonize (e.g. India in 1947) | Before 1948 | 1948 | 1955 (Rendel Constitution) |

Executive Council (Council of Ministers after 1955) | All nominated British officials | All nominated British officials | Chief Minister +6 other elected ministers from Legislative Assembly +3 nominated British ministers. | Legislative Council (Legislative Assembly after 1955) | Officials from Executive Council (mostly British) and nominated non-officials (mostly traders) | 9 nominated officials and 13 non-officials ( 4 nominated by Governor + 3 selected by Chambers of Commerce + 6 elected by people) | 25 elected non-officials +3 nominated British officials (all members of the Council of Ministers) + 4 non-officials nominated by the governor. | 1948 Elections

* Singaporean born only and Not compulsory
* 13,800 out of total population of 940,000 people voted to decide 6 seats of the Legislative Council * Singapore Progressive Party (SPP) biggest winner, only party to take part Riots & Protests

* Maria Hertogh Riots
* National Service Riots

Maria Hertogh Riots
* The fight for custody of a born-Dutch girl given to a Muslim family when her biological parents were interned by Japanese * In the end, high court ruled in favour of the Dutch parents * Newspaper on both sides stirred up even more feelings

* Muslim supporters of Che Aminah started to protest and riot to show their...
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