How Singapore Has Tried to Minimize Social Divisions in Singapore.

Topics: Discrimination, Religion, Racial discrimination Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Education policy
Education plays a vital role in developing Singapore own national unity that build social cohesion. A meritocratic education system is introduced for each race to have equal opportunities to develop to their fullest potential. Firstly, there is the bilingual policy whereby education was provided in four official languages - Chinese, Malay, Tamil and English, and students have to take up at least two languages which consist of the official language and their mother tongue. This helps to bridge communication gaps and to build a national identity in our multi-racial society. Secondly. the integration of schools brings students and teachers of different language streams to study and work together and to involve in school activities that help foster strong bonds.

Housing policy
After the riots of 1964, HBD flats were built for more people to live together and develop closer connections with one another. There is a policy of mixing different ethnic groups in housing estates such that there is a certain quota of each individual race to live in a housing block. Having the different ethnic groups living together helps to develop mutual respect for each other culture, lifestyle and religion. There is also a common space for interaction and to share common social amenities and facilities such as playgrounds, community centres, and parks. For example, community centres can organize events, talks, concerts, cultural programmes or classes for the different races to take part in together as a mean for greater interaction. In conclusion, the above policies help creates opportunities to have social bonding amongst the different races. With the great connecting bond that develop great friendships, there is minimal chance for social division to happen.

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