How Significant Is the Supply Chain Becoming in the Development of an Operations Strategy?

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Complexity, dynamics and predictability are main features in today's business environment; therefore operational managers face major challenges in business. In this regard, it is important for operational managers to asset and expands the activities involved in creating and sustaining competitive advantage through the formulation and strategy development processes. One of the new models in "supply chain management” is Operations Management, which includes in today’s network economy activities which in turn is one of the requirements for the managers ,companies and researchers in the industrial economy. Lee, L. Hau. (2002). In today's competitive environment Operations strategy together with Operations Management are essential for an organization. So in order to properly fulfill the organization’s priorities and see the mission entrusted, it’s necessary to focus on compatibility and performance consistency within the organization; supply chain and performance between the organizations. As Tan, K.C. (2001) reported, supply chain management expresses both theoretical and practical development of two key areas namely, purchasing and supply management , transportation and distribution management along with suppliers and customer activities, which all can lead to large strategic approach in field of operations management and related areas in supply chain management. According to SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference Model), the supply chain management processes includes: planning and scheduling delivery, manufacturing, resource allocation and plan. Areas of operations strategy in the supply chain, contains sourcing, manufacturing, delivering and planning. However, Hayes expresses co- operations strategy as a series of goals, policies, and self-imposed restrictions that will determine the completion and availability of the resources in the operation areas. Hayes, Robert etal. (2005).

Ketchen Jr., D. J., Giunipero, Larry C. (2004) shows that nowadays, the...
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