 How Should Animals Be Treated

Topics: Mammal, Milk, Working animal Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: August 1, 2011

Animals have been man's friends (માણસ ના મિત્રો) for centuries. They have also our constant companions (કાયમી સાથીદારો) because they help us in many ways. Their services (સેવાઓ) to mankind (માનવજાત માટે ની) are great and unbelievable. Meat, skin, bones and milk of animals are used all over the world. The horse, the camel, the elephant, the donkey, the reindeer etc. are used for travelling and transportation. Thus, they are very useful to mankind.

But how we treat the animals? We have been extremely (ખૂબ જ) selfish in the use of the animals. We have overloaded (વધુ ભાર લાદવો) beasts of burden (ભારવાહક પશુઓ પર). We have starved (ભૂખ્યા રાખીયે છીએ) them or flogged (ચાબુક થી ફટકારીએ છીએ)) them if they don't learn and perform (શીખે અને ભજવે નહિ) tricks (ખાસ આવડત/યુક્તિઓ) well in a circus. We do experiments (પ્રયોગો) on them and kill them for inventing (શોધવા માટે) new medicines. This makes animals suffer (સહન કરે છે) a lot. We should remember that our debt (આપણું ઋણ) to these unfortunate (કમનસીબ) helpless (લાચાર) creatures (પ્રાણીઓ) can't be repaid (ભરી શકીએ તેમ નથી). It is the milk of the cow and the buffalo which nourishes (પોષે છે) us from our infancy (બાલ્યાવસ્થા માં).

The question is how animals should be treated? We should be grateful (કૃતજ્ઞ) to them. We should not harass (ત્રાસ દેવો/પજવવું) them for our selfish purposes. We should not beat them to perform the tricks for circus. We should not overload them for transportation (પરિવહન) or kill them for our needs (જરૂરિયાતો). The hunters should not hunt them. We should not flog them for our selfish purposes. In zoo, the animals should be looked after well (સંભાળ સારી રીતે લેવાવી જોઈએ). The visitors also should not tease or harass them.

We should love animals and take care of their lives. We should treat them with care and love because their lives (જીવન) are as important as ours....
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