How Scientific Management Influenced Management Thinking

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  • Published : January 9, 2010
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How Scientific Management Influenced Management Thinking
Butler (1991, pp. 23) believes “ Many of Taylor’s ideas, concepts, and rules seem even more appropriate today than at the time he promulgated them. Furthermore, today’s technology and developments enable a more effective implementation.” The four principles of scientific management according to Butler (1991, pp.24) are as follows: Scientific development of the best work methods through observation, measurement and analysis – replacing rule of thumb method Scientific selection and development of the workmen through training – previous system the workmen chose his own work and was self tort Relating and bringing together of best work methods and training and development of the selected workmen Cooperation of employers and workmen which should include the division of work and the managers responsibility of work – previous system almost all work & responsibility was placed on the worker I believe the modern workplace still has a system very similar to this in place today. The world is still competitive and advancing in technology and searching further for efficiency and earning power. Now I will turn to the introduction of scientific management and how these principles changed management thinking. The introduction of this system in the United States was well received and agreed with Taylor’s (1911) suggestion that, employers and the workmen who adopt scientific management will eliminate disputes and disagreements, in particular relating to wages through scientific investigation. The result of scientific management was huge gains in productivity and prosperity and it also seemed to ease working conditions and industrial unrest that was occurring. The introduction of scientific management in France was somewhat a different story. According to Witzel (2005, pp. 90) “Subsequent studies have shown that fewer than 100 French companies adopted scientific...
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