How Role Models Influence Our Lives

Topics: Boston Bruins, Own goal, Model Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Role Models influence our lives
Colby Burns

Do role models influence our lives? Every person in this world will have someone in their life that they look up to, these people are considered as “role models.” Role models influence our lives by inspiring us to set certain goals and motivating us to achieve them. Also they allow us to develop certain traits or qualities as we strive to be like them. Furthermore, they also influence our lives by keeping our spirit up or cheer us up when we are down. The way role models influence us by inspiring or motivating us to achieve certain goals is by watching them achieve their own goals. As we watch our role models work as hard as they do to achieve their goals we become inspired to work just as hard. Secondly, we sometimes use the same goal, which they also inspire in us, such as an athlete trying to become pro, this shows that role models influence our lives based on the goal aspect. Secondly, people don’t choose the “right” kind of role model. Which means that, people will pick a role model because of the wrong reasons, such as because their “cool.” This leads to developing wrong traits and beliefs. However if they decide on a role model based on the right reason people will develop good traits. This does not always mean personality traits such as, kindness, and humorous or others related to that. Furthermore they can develop the way we do different things, For example, my role model is Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins, a professional hockey player. He inspires me to play hockey a certain way, the way he plays. I try to base my play on his and be like him. With that being said it proves role models influence traits and actions on out life. Finally, role models influence our mood and spirit. If we are upset or feeling down, our role models can cheer us up. For example if you role model happens to be a musician or actor you could listen to his/her music or watch a movie with your role model in it helping you become...
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