How Relevant Is Marriage in Today's Society?

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Love Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Try Googling “Marriage”. Instead of getting links to sites that promote this sacrosanct ceremony and share “I do” moments, you’d find hotlines to Divorce Lawyers and shout-outs done by cynic writers. All this just begs the question; What does a Marriage mean to us? The scope of marriage is in itself, a broad one. For simplicity’s sake, we’d focus on newly-weds and keep Religion and Politics out of the picture.

In our society, marriage is the structure people use to create a stable family unit. Marriage is about commitment. It is about staying in love and staying together for a lifetime despite the fact that both partners are individuals who change over time. Marriage itself is easy. Two people can get married any time they want. The challenge of marriage is making it work for a lifetime.

The Marriage Machine: The Current Attitude
According to Time, nearly 40 percent of us think marriage is archaic. "This doesn't mean, though, that we're pessimistic about the future of the family; we have more faith in the family than we do in the nation's education system or its economy. We're just more flexible about how family gets defined." In other words, we're more comfortable with the idea of single mothers and fathers, or unmarried people who equally share parenting duties, and all sorts of other alternative familial relationships. Having both parents that remain in the working world is a step-over issue, no longer are we fazed by leaving our child at home unattended by either, and leave the parenting task to our own parents or more commonly, a domestic helper. We no longer question our ideals. We’re so focused on personal wealth that we forsake food for the soul. Who needs love anyway? The closest act of commitment is shacking up with someone else, or in a more proper term; Co-habiting.

Co-habiting: “Maybe you’ll do” versus “We do”
Co-habitors often have different, unspoken — even unconscious — agendas. Women are more likely to view cohabitation as a step...
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