How Regional Integration and Globalisation Affects Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

Topics: Globalization, International trade, Economy Pages: 4 (1040 words) Published: November 29, 2012
The UAE in the Global Business Environment (ECON 605)
Fall 2012
Dr. Fernando Zanella /

Brief course description
Deeper global economic integration is a key strategic goal for the UAE and is seen as a catalyst AE’s sustainable economic development. This course will provide students with an in depth understanding of how international business issues affect the UAE and how the UAE is positioning itself in the global economy. The course will provide a clear framework for understanding the process of globalisation, international transactions, financial issues, global trends and their significance for UAE organisations.

Learning objectives
1. To understand the importance of globalisation, and evaluate the opportunities and threats for the UAE 2. To understand the process of economic integration through examining international trade and investment 3. To explore the role of regional integration in the international business environment 4. To identify the key strategic sectors of the UAE economy which are driving the UAE’s global integration 5. To critically analyse current international business and economic events in relation to the UAE 6. To understand how government policy can facilitate or hinder economic integration

Learning methodology
Students are encouraged to participate:
1. Lectures
2. Case study and articles analysis
3. Group work problem solving
4. Class discussions
5. Written reports
6. Presentations and peer evaluation

Course meeting times
Sundays and Tuesdays 05:30-09:30 pm

Course textbook
Griffin, R. W. and M. W. Pustay (2010). International Business (6th ed.). USA: Pearson Course Materials support
Dr. Emilie Rutledge
Summary of course topics
Sessions| References|
1| The UAE in the global economy| |
| Part 1: Globalisation and International marketsPart 2: The UAE in the global economy| Lecture material: Griffin & Pustay: C1 & C2| 2| The UAE in the global...
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