How Recent Japanese Boys Are Getting Femininize

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Man Pages: 8 (3048 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Girls Expectations Distort Guys Gender Identity In Japan

The recent male Japanese gender identity is so unique in the same way as their culture. Most of them are fashionable and they always care about their hairstyles just like girls, and desire to be skinny. The reason why they look so feminine is not just because they want to become a Kabuki Onnagata actors. There is a controversial reason. Since the women are getting a bigger part in the society, Japanese gender roles have drastically changed. Previously in Japan, women used to be expected to follow men and learn house works to get married with men who are introduced by parents or marriage meeting. However, as women’s rate increased in the company, men more and more feel small. As women has got more money and free time, the media started to illustrate their desire. If they have the high expectation for men, guys tried to fill up it. This is the beginning of the system where guys follow the women’s expectations, and recently it is distorting Japanese male identity. Women's expectations for men cause the disturbance of masculinity, and especially the medias emphasis the distort the images of male identity. The media always represents the value of the current people, and especially recent Japanese media is inclined to the women’s opinions, and it distorts gender identity. Recent Japanese guys are so feminine. Whenever you walk around a city, you can find guys who are wearing skinny jeans, or guys who have long hair like girls. You can even find guys wearing girls’ clothes. To describe those guys, there are a lot of slangs words, such as “Sousyoku-kei-danshi”, “Otokono-ko”, “Jyosoushi”, “Oto-men”, and so on. “Sousyoku-kei danshi” means herbivore men who do not act aggressively and they favor the peace in the group, so they don’t have interest in girls, love, and they even don't want to make love. There is a ranking research for asking them why you don’t have girl friends. The popular reasons are that “they want to enjoy their time”, “they are satisfied with current situations”, “troublesome”, “ because of shyness”, “ feeling easy with guys”, and so on. Thus, they are negative for not only girls but also other things. It’s kind of similar as herbivore animals, so they are named like this. For them, violence is not real and they hate to compete with people, so they don't work out like other counties’ guy want to become muscular. Instead, they believe working out is a gay’s work, and good men should be skinny to wear fashionable clothes. They have grown up in the resection, so they don’t desire luxuries. If someone show off the richness the they would look down on the

Off course there are opinions that the economic situation and education influence their value to live. While Japanese young people used to consume cars, brand products and travel to overseas during bubble era, current youth do not desire these things because they have shifted value. Previously Japanese youth wanted to emphasize richness, so they bought expensive products as if they were competing, but that is considered as stupid now because recent young people want average things. They are not good at competing with others and do not want to be distinguished from others because they experienced how much it scares to been left out. For example, the media has exposed the decline of big stars. Most poplar actress, hottest athlete and other famous talents are charged just because they made a slip of a tongue. They treat them as criminal. Moreover, once comedians become popular and are shown on too many programs, audience tend to want them to disappear. Not only the other world, they also have watched the real life bullies. That is why they do not behave like muscular guy, and cherish the cooperativeness with others. That is what girls have expected to have in Japan.

education also affect their value. Japanese young generations are lacking the competitive spirit because Japanese have gotten a more...
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