How Project Management Can Save a Company

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To what extent does project management apply to Adventures Unlimited? -------------------------------------------------------------------------2

What kind of training in project management should the Rodriguezes, the administrative staff, and tour guides receive to improve the operation of Adventures Unlimited? -------------------------------------------------------3


5.Reference-----------------------------------------------------------------------------5 1.Introduction:
Michael and Jill Rodriguez both were hiking enthusiasts, from the same hobby, The two people fall in love and set up a South American Adventures Unlimited travel company. In the early days, the company's benefit is very good, but later met a lot of problems, such as spending beyond the cost budget, time budget problems, therefore, to the customer to make compensation, led to the decline in corporate profits, brother of Michael proposed project management advice, hope the company can make project management.

2.To what extent does project management apply to Adventures Unlimited?

Every traveler need for companies to carry out the project management, a project from inception to final success, a lot of factors affect the success of the project, including the arrangements of the project, the scope of the project, project time management, cost management, human resources management, risk and communication management. The impact of each project will be the final success. Interaction project management project constraints, such as restricting the three conditions: a project's scope, time, cost. In this case, time: time mismanagement resulted in damage to the customer losses. Cost: because of the accident, leading the company to compensate the loss to the customer. Range: all mistakes must make compensation to the customer before did not negotiate a good compensation range and customer. In a project, the three conditions affect each other, mutual restraint, mutual restraint, often range impact time and cost. The start of the project to determine the scope is small, then the cost of the time it needs to complete, and cost must also small。 Vice versa, Many projects at the beginning will roughly determine the scope, timing and cost of the project, to a certain stage in the project, however, tend to become people feel does not know when the project can really end, to make the end of the project in the end also need to invest 。The amount of human and material resources, the entire project was like a bottomless pit, who was not the end the final end of the project. Such a situation occurs for the company's executives, they are the most do not want to see, however, this situation is not uncommon. Cause such results is because there is no control and manage the scope of the project. Visible project constraints in the main range of the most important.

(Source :Lewins,A,&Sliver,C.(2007).A step-by-step management guide.)

Failure case: I understand that this actual case, this is a software development project, the entire project has been carried out when the project more than two years after the end of, or is not clear, because users continue to demand new out, the project team also continue to develop new features is necessary according to the new needs of the user. This project is actually a bottomless pit, endlessly down the project members "fat drag thin, thin slow death", it can not go on only ran. Of this project has been completely lost confidence. This project is actually the beginning is not very clearly defined the scope of the project as a whole, not clearly defined range of circumstances, and without a sound change control management processes, allowing the user how to say on how to do that is a Start the rules of the game have not given good,...
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