How Poetry Influences My Life

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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For all my life I’ve read and listened to poetry, whether it is in music, nursery rhymes, movies or books. Poetry is basically in a lot fundamental aspects of my life, from when I when my parents tell had told me nursery rhymes to now when I study for biology exams. I do not really read poetry on my own unless it is for a class, but I used to write poetry, which others have told me, I am fairly good at. Usually when I think of a known author of poetry the first person I think of is Dr. Seuss especially since the first book I ever read on my own was Green Eggs and Ham. Because of Dr. Seuss for the longest time I thought all poems had to rhyme to be considered poetry, but as I learned more about poetry I realized it can be more elaborate and descriptive even without having to rhyme. If it was not for my English classes in elementary school up to high school I probably would not really know much about poetry and the people who wrote them. What I learned in school is why I understand the poetry references in pop culture that I otherwise would think were the original idea of the writers of the show. Also having learned it helped me shape my ability to write poetry. I’m that everything I had learned will be enough to understand everything I will be going over in this class. Overall poetry has affected my life positively because it is one of the only forms of writing that I can actually sit still and read, especially since generally reading on my own is not something I do unless it’s for class. Also it is accompanied with my love for music especially since many times the lyrics themselves can be very poetic. Poetry helped me a lot when I was younger with learning thing like days of the week to understanding how to tune an instrument. Lastly it is something I enjoy and hope to continue enjoying while taking this class.
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