How Plato's Republic Is an Allusion for Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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One day around 380 BC, A man named Plato sat down at a desk and started planning a outline of justice. This man also happened to be a greek philosopher who would later become very famous for his work in all sorts of fields of research. The book he wrote that day, which became known as "The Republic", would be read for centuries to come. It would eventually become one of the most famous pieces of written word in the world (Soll, Ivan. World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago, Il.:World Book, 2004. Print.). According to Ivan Soll, the main theme in "The Republic" is justice. The characters in the book discuss it very frequently. Another thing they talk about is how a normal person would feel being governed by a philosopher-king, which Plato believed should be in power.ther are other themes expressed in "The Republic" such as government and knowledge. One of the reasons that "The Republic was mentioned in "Fahrenheit 451" is because of similarities between the two books. Both of the stories are set in societies that have the same qualities. They're both dystopias. " The Republic" was one of the first stories to mention and be set in a dystopia. Without "The Republic", "Fahrenheit 451" might never have been thought of. It's very ironic that people in "Fahrenheit 451"'s dystopia read and discuss "The Republic". One would think that they'd be able to see that they're in a situation much like the one in the book. They can tell that they're unhappy so why can't they make that assumption. Maybe if they had read as children and young adults, they would have been intellectual enough to pick that up. Overall, it was a smart idea for Ray Bradbury to mention "The Republic" in his book. People who dig deeper can realize that he's trying to tell the readers that there's a reason for everything that he added into "Fahrenheit 451". Because of the two story's similarities, Ray Bradbary's descision to add one into another was very expertly done.