How Personality Predicts Employee Performance

Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Personality psychology Pages: 7 (1869 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Personality of an individual is closely linked with the process of job or work performance. The relationship between personality and the level of job performance is dependent on the environment in which he/she is working. It is important to note that job or work performance of an individual are related to organizational success or failure. Hence performance should be aligned to achieve organizational goals. According to various researches it is concluded that cognitive ability is a major contributor towards employee’s performance as compared to the five factor model of personality assessment. PERSONALITY PREDICTS EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE

Personality of an individual is a combination of attributes which includes emotions, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and activities which when combined together makes a person special. Psychologists have researched and identified various theories in order to understand the personality traits and their development. Earlier schools of thought recognized, type theories which associate personality types to biological influences. Next discovered theory was the Personality trait theories, which define the characteristics by which people differ in their relations due to their internal hereditarily based characteristics. Likewise psychodynamic theories revolve around the influence of unconscious on personality and behavioral theories consider interaction of individual and environment in personality development. Last are the Humanist theories which focus their attention on the person’s free will and experience in personality development. Personality traits are attributes which influence and controls the person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors and his/her role being an employee of an organization. Work or job performance is measured through individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities utilized for performing the task assigned. The recent research work performed in personality assessment has discovered some visible models between individual characteristics and level of job performance. Hence the personality tests applied in combination with ability tests, can help organization to select potential candidates who are efficient, effective, loyal and honest team players. Once the personality traits are identified they should be translated exclusively into options for job planning. Commonly personality traits are evaluated based on the ‘Big Five’ framework (Costa & McCrae, 1991). These five factors are OCEAN i.e. Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism which refers to Emotional Stability. These four attributes are helpful in predicting the employee performance based on personality. The Big Five personality measures predict the contextual performance of an employee. Contextual performance refers to voluntary actions which are initiated to advance the interests of the organization. Contextual behaviors include keeping a positive approach, obeying rules and regulations, politeness, loyalty, voluntarily work etc. Employees having Conscientiousness approach follow directions, are regular and stay far from engaging in unethical actions. Agreeable employees are supportive and caring towards their colleagues; however those employees which score low on this attribute are counted as selfish and uncooperative. Similarly emotionally stable employees have sound ability to manage stress and remaining calm and composed in challenging conditions or in the phase of crisis or emergency. Employees who are assessed as extraverted are energetic, influential and sociable hence they are found out to be the most successful in their careers. These personality measures are greatly helpful in predicting the employee performance and allows organizations to have a clear insight of the individual while selection. It also gives an understanding that even if job responsibilities are changed the person can still perform with full potential. Hence at this point it is clearly...
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