How Personal and Cultural Factors Impact Participation in Leisure Activities

Topics: Medicine, Activity, Task Pages: 4 (602 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Task 2 – Recording Information

1. Under the guidance of your co-ordinator, gather and record information from which you will assess the individual’s leisure and health needs. · Identify a range of areas where you might gather this information and the various areas where you would record that information. How do you ensure a holistic approach to data gathering?

* Medical practioner
* Medical specialist
* Social workers,
* Pastoral worker
* Family
* Friends
* Client themselves
* Allied health-OT
* Podiatrist
· Ensure you refer to the client’s physical health status, and the subsequent impact on the individual. 2. What measures does the organisation have in place to ensure confidentiality? Our organisation has policies and procedures to abide by, Catholic policies and procedures,(ANF) Nurse Federation. 3. How did you ensure the recording and documenting process used a consultative approach? * Daily progress notes

* Handover
* Staff
* Lee care notes on computer

Task 3 – Plan Development for an Individual Program

2. Week 1
Need| Goal| Strategy| Evaluation |
Enjoys company,especially 1:1 reading,singing,cards,movies,piano,chatting.Resident becomes extremely agitated & anxious when left alone to participate in activities or talking with other residents. Once upset is difficult to settle for meals or bedtime & medication is often required.| -To feel a sense of belonging & inclusiveness-Decrease anxiety(sundowners)-Decrease use of medication-Decrease isolation-Decrease depression| -To encourage early intervention(1:1 activity or small group-1:1 community visitor-Example-To have afternoon tea with other residents & inhance conversation until tea time.| -Enjoying Sallys company-No anxiety for 1 hour-Distraction required after this time.(medication required)|

Week 2
Need| Goal| Strategy| Evaluation|
| | 1:1 activity or small...
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