How People Opposed the Nazis from 1934

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: May 31, 2013
How could the people oppose the Nazi’s from 1934?
From the years of 1934, Adolf Hitler had already declared himself as Der Fuhrer (the leader) as he combined the jobs of Presidents and Chancellor for himself. Although he had many followers who had swore an oath of loyalty to Hitler, there were still people who were against him.

The only rival to Hitler’s personal power was the SA, over the German people. In fact, there were now three million of them in 1934. Their belief was that Hitler owed those jobs and rewards to them. They thought this because they had helped him gain power first. The leader of the SA, Ernst Roehm, was going to merge the army and the SA together as a plan to rise against Hitler.

Hitler had to act, and he acted quickly. On one weekend in June 1934, he ordered the SS to execute four hundred SA leaders, including Roehm. This was the night of the Long Knives. The army hated the idea that they would have joined with the SA.

There were some Catholic priests who opposed Hitler, in 1937. These people who managed to stand up against him had to be incredibly brave to try because it was difficult and dangerous. Another example of a group who opposed Nazis bravely was the White Rose Group. They were a group of students at Munich University who published anti-Nazi leaflets. However, when they were discovered, they were executed in 1943.

Moreover, the Kreisau Circle, a group of army officers and intellectuals in 1944 tried to bomb Hitler. It was planted by Colonel Stauffenberg but Hitler survived. 5 000 people were executed in retaliation for punishment.

People were living in fear. They were not able to speak freely about their opinions in public in case people report them for opposing to the Nazi beliefs. A lot of people reported their neighbours so they couldn’t even trust anyone anymore.

Overall, everybody had basically failed in stopping the Nazis from 1934. Only a few survived as many were imprisoned or killed. Some were killed...
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