How People Give Up Rights When Using an Airline

Topics: Airline, Aircraft, Airport Pages: 3 (1276 words) Published: January 2, 2012
Many people modern day use airlines as a form of transportation. To be able to use this service passengers must have their bags and personal belongings checked by the airline. Airlines do this for the safety of their passengers and to ensure that no catastrophe happens during flight. But when this is done are passengers giving up their rights? Is it right for someone to go through your personal belongings? Or is this procedure only for security reasons? What rights do airplane passengers give up by allowing themselves to be checked before boarding?

When Someone travels with an airline they must have their baggage checked before boarding the plane. Some people feel that this invades their privacy and that it is not necessary. Why should the airport check my personal belongings? Why cant they just pull up your criminal record or just check your pockets instead of checking everything? Some alternative plans is to take your bags and keep them in a secured part of the plane so there is no risk. And some airlines may even make you pay additional fees for these baggage checks meanwhile they are for your safety. Some airlines like Allegiant charge you $35 for your first bag. ("Airline baggage fees" 2) And how many people only bring one bag to the airport? Your second bag is $35 , and then any additional bags are “Subject to additional fees”. And all of this is paid for on top of your flight. Now shouldn’t it be an option to pay for safety? Does the airline even care about your safety or are they just trying to make more money? Collectively, airlines made approximately $3.4 billion in baggage fees last year (“Airlines bagging big money” 1). Some people believe that airline just do this to make more revenue. Even though air ports are forced to check your baggage by the FAA (“Air Carrier Operations Bulletin” No. 1-94-10) people believe that the airline should not charge you extra and that the whole concept of being charged for baggage is stupid. Instead of being...
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