How Othello Is Led to His Demise

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Shakespearean writing are ones of which, with a few strokes of a pen, can achieve more than novelists can achieve in a full length novel. Shakespeare’s writing is complex and includes great measures of love, hatred, loyalty, deception and betrayal. These traits of his texts are all evident in Othello. In Act 1, Othello is perceived as a noble moor. With Shakespeare’s invention of the manipulating and cunning Iago, the multi-layered use of Othello’s mothers handkerchief, and Othello’s past military training being resurfaced due to Iago’s lies, all lead Othello to his demise. Deception and betrayal are two of Iago’s worst traits when he is outranked by Cassio. Iago’s capacity for cruelty appears limitless, and no motivation he gives for his actions seems enough to explain the incredible destruction he wreaks on the lives of the people he knows best. His bitterness in not succeeding on becoming lieutenant is not a sufficient enough reason to match his countless acts of evil machinations. Iago uses a subtle approach when provoking Othello to become untrustworthy of Desdemona. He is able to hurt Othello successfully because he understands him so much. He grows closer to Othello as the plot progresses. In Act 2, scene 1 Iago states, “The moor, howbeit that I endure him not, is of constant, loving, noble nature”. These 3 adjectives indicate his awareness of Othello’s character. As Iago therefore continues to explain that he knows the noble moor would be a deserving husband of his wife, but then uses this knowledge to his power to play with Othello’s thoughts, using his strong love for Desdemona as a portal to self-destruction for all of those he knows best. He makes this statement in soliloquy after Othello and the entire company land on Cyprus. He is able to acknowledge that Othello is a worthy noble man, however, Iago reveals how evil and manipulating he can be, by wanting to utterly destroy Othello’s life and reputation. He is subbed when Othello gives the...
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