How Ot Manage Stress

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How to manage stress
When it comes to how to manage stress, there are loads of methods to deal with this problem. Today, with the increasing number of people getting overwhelmed pressure on their study or job, more and more people are paying their attention to how to solve stress problem more effectively. In this essay, we are going to talk about how to manage people’s stress physically and emotionally. 1. How to manage stress physically

Engaging with people’s pressure in physical method means to do some regular physical exercise or sport in order to reduce stress, such as yoga, walking, gardening or any other physical exercise that people like. The purpose is to make people have time and space to release themselves into a peaceful relaxation. The following method will show that.

1.1Regular Exercise
Doing some regular exercise such as Yoga, gardening, working, jogging or any other physical activities that people like after work or study are able to lower people’s heart rates, blood pressure and oxygen consumption (Treven, Treven, Zizek, 2011). In addition, it also will let your physical body into a state of peaceful relaxation.

1.2 A Deep Breath
This is the simplest method to deal with stress that people have. All people need to do is climbing a top of the mountain, then have a sit, try to get rig of all the trouble inside your mind.

2. How to manage stress emotionally
2.1 Release of Emotions
The reason why a plenty of people who are suffer from the overwhelmed pressure is that they always keep their stress inside mind instead of pouring it out. So at this point, people need to“letting off some steam”(Donvan, 1991), which means expressing emotion to others. Communication with closed friends or colleague is a good way to heal issue of pressure, on the other hand, people are also able to chat with parents and family relatives, who are understand each other easily than anyone. Under this circumstance, people would put themselves into harmony...
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