How Organizations Attract a Quality Workforce

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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How Organizations Attract a Quality Workforce
How they Motivate and Retain them.

“In today’s workplace, almost limitless job opportunities and less employee loyalty has created an environment where a business needs its employees more than the employees need the business” (Smith, 2012). When one side of this equation becomes dependant on the other, they lose the upper advantage and it puts them in a very vulnerable spot. This is the last place an organization wants to put themselves in. It has become more and more difficult for organizations to attract, motivate and retain employees. It is of utmost importance that management follows some proven recruiting, training, and management functions in order to successfully employee an organization. According to Schermerhorn, the three major human resource management responsibilities are attracting a quality workforce, developing a quality workforce and maintain a quality workforce. Attracting a quality workforce has become one of the most difficult areas for a management team. “A recent study shows that 85% of Human Resources Executives state that the single greatest challenge they have in managing the workforce is their organizations inability to recruit and retain good employees and managers” (Smith, 2012). Although organizations find the value in recruiting and training employees, the cost to hire and train someone new is incredibly expensive. With employee turnover so high, these new hire employees last an average of 6 months in the organization (Smith, 2012). These employees need to be replaced and once again, the cost of this ongoing replacement puts an organization in a financial crisis. Businesses cannot survive when millions of dollars are being spent on replacing employees. For these reasons, business’s need to be able to change the work environment to make it a place employees cannot resist.

Human resource planning is the first step in attracting a quality work force. In order to attract the...
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