How Organizational Behavior Will Make Me an Effective Manager.

Topics: Management, Project management, Project Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: March 5, 2008
There are many models and concepts explained in Organizational Behavior that will influence my actions to become an effective manager. In regards to my own characteristics, I am very adaptable to work situations and I like to brainstorm various solutions to the problem. This is related to the contingency approach in which a person uses management tools and techniques in a situational appropriate manner. When a problem arises, it is vital that a manager should analyze multiple solutions and look at the situation from different perspectives. After carefully reading the situation, a manager should act accordingly based on experience, training, other role-models and prior knowledge. Therefore, the contingency approach is one of the main concepts that will influence my actions in order to avoid a ‘one-best-way' mentality and be flexible. Upon taking role as a manager, I would particularly like to focus on developing relationships with my employees and helping their potential skills grow. This can be accomplished through mentoring and coaching, which is essential by assisting employees to learn and develop their skills. In addition, mentoring contributes to creating a sense of ‘membership' to new recruits. Research has shown that mentored employees performed better on the job and experienced more rapid career advancement, as well as higher job satisfaction. Since employees are able to receive constructive feedback from their manager, they have a better sense of where they are at in terms of progression. By establishing these kinds of relationships with employees, it will give them a better sense of competence and meaningfulness since they know that they have support from management. I want to maintain this kind of network with my employees so that they do not see me as just someone who cares about my own advancement. I think that it is vital to help employees grow in skill because it furthers not only the individual but the organization as well. Coaching them through...
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