How Organisational Structure and Strategic Planning Can Help Businesses to Achieve Their Purpose and Aims

Topics: Strategic management, Marks & Spencer, Profit Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: July 3, 2011
Strategic planning is important for all businesses because this is when they set there aims and will discuss how they can achieve that aim. These aims have to be realistic and the owners will discuss this with their workers. Some aims might be hard to get but executives will want their workers to push hard so that it can be achieved. Marks and Spencer’s aim was to be the best supermarket in Britain but the recession had affected them really bad giving them losses of over 100 million pounds. Currently they are making profits of 50 million pounds but it is nowhere near what they made a few years ago. Strategic planning will show what direction the business is going to achieve its aims. The planning may last for up to 4 years and is drawn up by high ranking staff. Refinements will be made as months go by because changes can happen within the business. Marks will have a strategic plan that may last for two years. They are struggling at the moment and their rivals are doing much better with healthy profits for the year. Marks had a bad start to the year with losses and were even more trouble with the snow. The strategic plan for marks will not work straight away it may take time, but it may help them in the long term. Marc Bolland who is the new chief executive has set aims that may not be achieved by marks. He has said that the planning will last between 2013 and 2014. He said that there online business is going to be updated and that they want to beat John Lewis at online buying’s. John Lewis’s online selling’s have risen by 10% and I don’t see marks and Spencer’s beating them. John Lewis had a good start to the year and currently they are doing better which is bringing them profit. John Lewis currently has made nearly 800 million pounds in profit which is much more than marks and Spencer’s. Marks have changed things within their business and those changes have been made so quickly and were made at a bad time. These changes can affect Marks even more and these...
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