How Obamacare Increases Unemployment

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Our Employment rate is still high hovering over 8 percent and has remained this way for over three years. The new Federal mandatory $2,000.00 per worker tax law; which comes into effect in 2014, for all employers which do not have the right kind of health insurance for their employees, inhibits and restricts many employers to not hire any full time qualified candidates, which thus leaves many Americans underemployed with no benefits. Another interesting fact is the disparity of affected younger workers. Out of Two Million workers, 1.7 million of those are 55 and older and only 300,000 are ages 25-55. This is a huge gap leaving many unable to establish or set up stable lifetime expected earnings due to fewer job opportunities. The hard cold fact is that once this law comes into effect, many businesses will make the choice to move more full time workers to part time positions. This will skew the unemployment numbers giving a more hire numbers yet not telling the story of underemployed Americans further hurting the growth of the United States Economy. As of January 2012 as much as over 8 million people are working part time because they could not find Full-Time positions. This new Health care lay plan will increase those numbers making the problem worse.(Furchtgott-Roth, Diana, 2012) Businesses which have fewer than 50 employees have the advantage as long as they do not hire too many workers, up to 49- which is a disincentive for small businesses to hire in this current poor job market. This gives them the competitive advantage over businesses that have over 50 employees. Which lead more businesses to minimize their costs by hiring mostly part time and reducing their full time staff so that they can drop costly employer provided health insurance. This means drastic changes to the future job and...
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