How New Employees Are Selected and Integrated into the Role

Topics: Employment, Logic, Peano axioms Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 23, 2013
In most construction companies the decision needs to be made why new a employee/s are required and in what particular role they are required in. This is done by completing a employee case study, once this has been completed and excepted by upper management its then passed onto human resources department to select the appropriate person/s for this role. Once the appropriate person/s have been selected a time and location is decided with the responsible person that requested the employee/s, after completion this is then passed onto the employee/s. After the selection process and interview stage the new starter employees are required to undergo a medical evaluation (fitness for work). If there is the all clear from the medical evaluation the new starter employee is then at the induction stage. Depending on the role you’re employed as will depend on the type of induction you are required to complete eg: if you’re a staff member you will complete a longer induction process as you will be responsible for supervising craft/ working employees, craft/ field working employees will complete a generic induction. On completion of your induction and you are brought to site you will be introduced to the companies policies, procedures and duty of care required to comply as a worker on this site, depending on the role your employed as will depend on what type of further training you may be required to complete eg: competencies to operate specific trade equipment or operate vehicles around site to site conditions. Once all this has been completed the new starter employee/s are then handed over to their relevant supervisor for introducing them to their area/s of work, facilities in their area and work colleagues. After this stage any further work with this employee will be dealt through there supervisor or employment relations.
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