How My Reading Has Improved

Topics: Fiction, Meaning of life, Learning Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: April 24, 2011
My reading has improved by taking this class this term. I learned how to read fiction by practice reading and analyzing the text. I have also learned strategies for my studies by analyzing textbooks and how to research. I learned reading skills for general reading too. That's what I have learned by taking this class.

When reading fiction, the reader need to analyze the text to understand what you are reading. This first thing the reader needs to know is the setting, that is the time and place where the story takes place. We reading the texts, the reader need to finds out characters and how they developed. In a story of fiction there is always a point of view, and that's how the story is told. In each story is a conflicts in which the character goes though. While reading the story will start developing a plot, which includes the events that make the story, and the climax in the end the story that is the main event, and the resolution is how the characters solve the climax. Then the author uses literary devices to tell and describe the story called metaphor, personification, imagery, simile, flashback, and foreshadowing. That’s how reader reads fiction to understand what the author had writing.
I learned Reading strategies to study my textbooks. When studying the text mark the main idea and supporting details by highlighting or underlining the text. Then to make an outlet write down the highlighting text to make note. Then to study the text survey, question, read, recite, review .That’s how to study the text.

I learned reading for general text in the class. The dictionary helps the reader build learn new vocabulary by using symbols to help the reader pronounce the word and has the meaning of the word. The context clues help the reader find the meaning of a word, the reader does not know. there are five types of context clues definition, synonym, example, contrast and inference. There are three parts of that make a word, called prefix which is...
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