How My Education Is the Key to a Successful Future

Topics: Education, Higher education, Teacher Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Ever since the beginning of time People were born and raised to build them selves up to their highest potential and be successful in life. Most people strive in life to be successful but Most find difficulty in achieving their full success. I believe the key to my success in the future is my education because with education I can be the master of my own life and goals. With education I can be the greatest in what I want to be in life, I can achieve and also surpass the expectations set for me. My education is the most important during a young age because what I do now or did in the past is going to affect the future and more specifically my future. Shaping my self up during my teenage years using education will surely give me a foundation to build upon. Most don’t realize what happens in the past will affect their future so I am making sure my past affects my future in the most positive way possible. The only way to secure a stable life for my self is to be well educated and gain knowledge.

When education is mentioned most people think about school and getting taught by their teachers but most don’t realize it’s more than that. Education is knowledge acquired by learning and instruction. So when a mother shows a child how to tie their shoes you might no realize it but that child is being educated. Coming from a place like Cameroon in the continent of Africa being educated can determine whether you live or not. Here in America the government is involved in helping the less fortunate by having things like homeless shelters, food stamps, and vouchers. In a place like Cameroon it is all about “survival of the fittest” meaning the one with the best will survive, and in order to be the best and survive it is crucial to have an education. Being educated is more essential coming from a place like Cameroon because you get little or no help from others. Growing up in Cameroon getting something like a snake bite is common but being educated can determine if you live...
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