How Music Influences Sex Activity in Youths

Topics: Music video, Adolescence, Popular music Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: June 10, 2011
According to Nielsen Media Research (1993) more than seventy percent of the Americans were access to cable television therefore most teenagers would watch these music videos from their homes. The study which was done on the composition of these videos shows that seventy five percent contain materials which are related to sex. Music videos influence sex activities in various ways. Within these videos, it portrays various features which are eventually being imitated by teenage girls. These features being copied include the unique sexy dressing style and certain sexy moves. According to Research Assistance (2009) that frequent viewing of these sexy movies by female teenagers will make them develop curiosity to imitate these behaviors which further have effect on their male counter parts. The mode of dressing and body movement portrayed by these videos are so tempting that if are imitated by the teenage girls, they will affect the male boy in that most male are enticed by seeing certain images suggesting to be directed towards sex. This will further make them engage in premarital sex will will perpetuate the spread of HIV and AIDS. They are also certain picture of necked females with only pants dancing in these videos. These ladies are not only necked but also dancing in a sexy manner. All these will influence the way a teenager thinks. They will try to behave in the same manner which will finally ruin their lives. Teenage boys have their hormone very active and when they get exposed to such videos their body starts to react in response to what is seen which will then drive them to experiment and that is very dangerous to their future lives. Rap music videos have contributed to racism in the United States. According to Zillmann and Colleagues (1995) they perform an experiment on how politically radical rap music would influence race and its related political attitude. They performed their experiment using rap music video showed to both white teenagers and African a...
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