How Multi-Agency Teams Work Together to Form a Support Network

Topics: Education, School, Psychology Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: January 23, 2012
Peter explained that multi-agency teams work together to form a support network, they also work together to make the best plan/programme for the parents, school and child to get the best possible outcome and the child to achieve their potential. A child struggling with communicating and language may see a speech and language therapist, special education needs co-ordinator, psychologist, depending on the child’s requirement all have a different job within the team to get the best out of the child. Special Education Needs Co-ordinator – They organise all the members in the team and keeps checks on how things are going and making sure that all members are talking to each other by planning meetings. Speech and language therapist – They diagnosis the communication delay and advice on ways the child can be helped and sets down a plan/programme. If a child is coping with other forms of disability then there are other team member that can help to bring the best out in a child, if they are have a visual impairment or have autism. Sensory support teacher – help children and advice schools that have visual or auditory impairment on how to keep the child involved and what they need to do extra to make the child feel at ease. Autism advisory teacher- advise schools on the needs of a child with autism, who maybe struggling with social interaction and communication. They may work with the child at the school to get the best outcome. If none of the above are having affect and the child still doesn’t seem to be making the right progress then an Educational Psychologist may come involved to talk to the child and find out if there are other problems affecting the child that other members in the team cannot see. All the above have to have a good working relationship together to get the best outcome for the child, each on brings different advice and support for the parents and school so that their child can achieve the best in either the fastest time or over a long period....
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