How Much Sugar Does It Take to Overflow a Mug with Different Water Temperatures

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Science Research Paper

Have you ever wondered how much sugar it takes to overflow a mug in different water temperatures. I thought it would be cool to find out so i did an experiment. I used five diffferent temperatures of water 1.) cold tap water 2.) refrigirater water 3.)freezer water 4.) hot tap water and 5.) boiling water. I filled up a 2 cup mug with 1 3/4 cups of each type of water and added sugar until the mug overflowed.

I chose this experiment because I thought it would be fun to find out how much sugar was needed to over flow the cup of water Hypothesis: I think that the boiling water will take more sugar to overflow the cup. Test Variable: Different water temperatures.

Outcome Variable: The boiling water took the most sugar to overflow the mug. Controls: I used sugar from the same bag, used the same cup to measure, used same mug to add water and sugar and used the same tablespoon. Constant: Used the same amount of water in all 5 experiments

Results of experiment:
1.) The freezer water was 35.7F. It took 9 heaping tablespoons of sugar before the mug overflowed. 2.) The refrigerator water was 38.4F. It took 9 heaping tablespoons of sugar before the mug overflowed. 3.) The cold tap water was 73.4F. It took 10 heaping tablespoons of sugar before the mug overflowed. 4.) The hot tap water was 116.2F. It took 10 heaping tablespoons of sugar before the mug overflowed. 5.) The boiling water was 201F. It took 11 heaping tablespoons of sugar before the mug overflowed.

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