How Mtv and E Contribute to the Idea of Celebrity and Image

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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The Effects of Voyeurism on our Culture and Society

There is a big debate on whether or not voyeuristic television shows television shows
have a negative or positive effect on today’s society.
Some people believe that the television shows such as the reality shows send voyeuristic
messages to the viewer. Critics attack the genre “reality television” explaining how reality
television has an illusion. In other words critics believe that the television shows show
subliminal messages, which causes the viewers, children, teenagers, and adults to have
voyeuristic urges, and sharpens to the viewer’s intelligence. While many say that it is a form of
entertainment. (Reality of television on society)
Psychologists such as George Gerbner and Larry Gross of the University Of Pennysylvania
came up with the theory called “ The Cultivation Theory”. It’s a theory where they believed that
prolonged exposure to television shapes the viewer’s concept of the world. (Reality of television
on society). People think that the the world is perceived as it is on the television shows and that
isn’t a very good thing because it is a dumbing down of our society. (Tvs influence on culture)
In other words, many young teenagers and sadly adults believe that the world is how it is
presented on television. There is an argument that television siphons the viewer’s urges and
behaviors. The definition of voyeurism is the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by
looking at sexual objects or acts secretively and the pleasure is taken away if the person being
watched knows she or he is being watched. (Reality of television on society) Basically the person
with voyeurism is a peeping Tom.
It is likely that since the majority of the older generations listened to the radio and television.
The television and radio was used for them to get their information. Now the older...
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