How Men of Different Cultures Express Their Emotions

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  • Published : February 8, 2012
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Emotional expressiveness of men from different cultures


How do European and West African men express love and anger in their relationships?


Although complex, generally emotions are defined as the experience of one’s mental state and simultaneous subconscious physiological functions to a stimulus. Emotions are considered to be spontaneous opposed to artificial and is an important aspect of human relationships and are universally accepted as part of human operation. Researchers have suggested that basic emotions e.g. anger, fear and disgust are appraised and expressed similarly cross-culturally. They are mainly expressed through language. These processes are essential socially because they impact human relations in terms of response, adaptation and understanding. On the other hand certain emotions are expressed differently in various cultures or governed by certain display rules. Although biological factors affect facial expression, the cultural display factors are a competing influence. In Ekman’s (cited in Parkinson, 2007) neuro-cultural theory of emotion he suggests that certain emotions are pre-programmed at birth and also recognises a cultural influence. Emotional expression, gestures and signs can vary in various cultures.

Many researchers have attempted to explore emotional differences in both and women. Cultural stereotypes suggests that women tend to me more outwardly expressive and intense in their emotional expressions, while men traditionally avoided external expressions that made them appear weak. Jansz research evidence indicates that men claim to experience less fear, guilt, and shame than women, whereas on the other hand men experience of emotions such as disgust, contempt and anger were more noticeable expressive (Fischer, 1993). (Walton, Coyle, Lyons) social constructs seem to influence power relations amongst the sexes. Hence the reason men may outwardly avoid vulnerable scenarios....
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