How Media Has Changed the Nature of Politics

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How media has changed the nature of politics
Newspapers, television, and the Internet. These media have greatly changed of human history, the lives of people and interpersonal relationships. In the process of change,
The media also gradually change and affect the state-to-state relations, international politics and the world situation.

First of all, let's talk about the role and influence of the media on the political.

1. Dissemination of information.
The media is an effective tool for political communication, because it has more advantages than directly face-to-face communication. Media disseminate information to the whole society, it can help citizens access the information about the current political situation, become a “known citizens”, Provide information foundation of their political participation.

For example, after "9.11", The U.S. government released the fight against terrorism policy at the first time, and convened a meeting with the person in charge of the U.S. mainstream media, with the requirements of the media to not publish any reports that is not conducive to the national security of the United States, and require all media absolute "obey orders”. This is the United States Government use the power of the media,to seek legitimacy evidence for its own foreign policy and behavior(Xingping.Kang, 2001) .

2. Influence public opinion.
The media is not only the performance of public opinion channel, but also can through extensive and in-depth reports on specific events, to causing the attention of the public to the event, and to mobilize as many people in the community to express their views on the current topic.

For example, public opinion and propaganda made ​​by the United States for the war in Iraq, despite the fact that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and nothing to do with terrorism or Al Qaeda. However, in the United States concerning Iraq reported, Terrorism, Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden has topped the list, The frequency of use of these words accounted for 45% of all words. This has led to the "New York Times" and "Time" magazine which has been known to oppose the war, support rate up to 48% of the Iraq war(Patrick O.Heffeman,1991).

3. Set the agenda.
The media can increase the amount of coverage on certain issues or projecting reported some problems, to influence the audience awareness of the importance of these issues.
It can set the social agenda, and forced the government to include these issues in their own agenda.

In January 2010, Google Inc. in the United States to attack the Chinese government review of the search results on its Chinese website, and search services transferred to Hong Kong from the mainland of China. In this event, the Secretary of State and the President of the United States position, expressed support for Google's decision to criticize China's control of the network information, and included China into the "restricted network freedom”. This can be seen as the first formal confrontation in the field of media diplomacy between China and the United States, but certainly not the last(Ren Hai,2011).

4.Political socialization.
The media is also an important political and social forces, is the main source that people can access the information’s in their daily lives, various media continues transport to the public some information’s which are after a selection and views, also the analysis and evaluation of these data and ideas. So that people consciously or unconsciously accept it,

Thus forming a particular political tendencies and attitudes (Jan H. Kietzmann,2011).

5.Monitoring the government.
Media as...
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