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How Media Changed the World

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How Media Changed the World

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How media changed the world?
Printing Press

The printing press has become a popular medium throughout generations and has diversely changed as it reached worldwide. The initial invention of the movable print along with the printing press, developed a dramatic change by Johannas Gunterberg in Mainz, Germany during 1439, which had created a new medium for people’s lives within Europe and eventually influenced the world. This not only had a huge impact on the way citizens lived their daily lives but also helped broaden more information, aroused more people to be educated and even shook the grounds of religion.

The printing press has numerous long-term affects on society, which led to modern science and technology.

Johannes Gutenberg has changed global history for the better. He was the man who saved the trouble of writing books by hand. He invented the printing press in the year 1450. He found out how to print with moveable metal type, and he used the printing press to produce books more cheaply, more accurately, and in greater numbers. He printed the first complete edition of the bible, which made it possible for more people to read the Bible themselves. This led to the rapid spreading of ideas of Martin Luther, unlike the ideas of Wycliffe and Huss, and led to the Reformation and eventual religious disunity of Europe.

But there was a standard use of the printing press before this era. Particularly in Asia, which dates back to 618 BC in the T’sang Dynasty where he first printing is done in China using ink on carved wooden blocks begins to make multiple transfers of an image on paper.

The Demand for books

During the Middle Ages when books became unpopular

Impact of the printing industry


Current period

In the Middle Ages, books had been costly and education rare; only the clergy...

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