How Matters Stand About Chinese View of Marriage

Topics: Linguistic relativity, Benjamin Lee Whorf, Marriage Pages: 7 (2630 words) Published: October 28, 2012
1. How Matters Stand about Chinese View of Marriage
Human has been developing continuously; there have been continual improvements in society. During Chinese marital history, people have changed their ideas in marriage. In China’s old society, there are very low divorce rate. However, since beginning of the eighties in last century, china’s divorce rate increased a lot. Could this situation improve people who are in the past more understand love than now? In fact, the unhappy marriages have a lot in China’s old society. Usually the couple’s marriage was arranged by their parents in old society, and the couple did not have right to choose their lover. In old society, divorce was immoral. Divorce was injurious to morals, even would affect their future. The couples were forced these pressures from public opinion and family that they could not divorce. Therefore, many couples were forced to keep their unhappy marriage all their live. As the progress of the society, present people have changed their ideas about marriage. They will not be forced from public opinion. They have right to choose their own love. Present Chinese are no longer bound by the old concept. They can follow their own will to find their own happiness. When their marriages are unhappy, they do not think about the pressure from public opinion to divorce. Naturally, the divorced rate in the present is higher than past. Present society give people a lot of freedoms, and give people more choices. Increasing of divorced rate is become normal. On the one hand, it reflects the progress of social civilization; conversely, what are present people seek the love and how do the people view about marriage? Through two aspects by women and men, maybe people can understand present’s Chinese view of marriage. Many women seek their lover and measure the men is good or not, they are just through the men’s wealth and position. Therefore, the women go into wealth life but poor life of the mind. A man’s wealth and position can improve this man’s ability. However they cannot represent completely all of the man. Women compare looking for boyfriends to buy stock share. They hope their boyfriends are potential stocks and hope their boyfriends become good performance stocks in the future. However, looking for this kind man, it exists huge risk. There is an old Chinese saying goes, a woman are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Even if the woman wipes her eye for looking for her boyfriend, they are still disappointed frequently. The results make them want to look for new lover. The men look for girlfriend as buying stock share. Most men recognize first they look for girlfriend because of the woman’s good looking. It is good thing for women have a good looking. However, everyone will be old, and nobody can keep their good looking all of their life. Good looking looks like a stock share that will become devaluated. In fact, a man lives with a good looks woman for whole life. Finally, the man will feel tiresome to face the woman who was even good looks someday. Someone has more high expectations for his or her loves; he or she will disappoint more about his or her marriage. Before the couples marry, everyone wants to show his or her partner the best side, and they have a high forgiveness and tolerance to their partner. However, after they marry, they lose a lot forgiveness and tolerance to each other. Then, they will have more disputes and complained. Finally, they will face separation and divorce. There are very famous writer ever said in China,” marriage is like a siege, the people outside of the city want to go in, in the same time, the men inside the city want to get out.” This sentence is best life’s portrayal for present couples. However, people should believe the everlasting love. The society is progressing; the human being is developing, in such great time, men should choose their partner resonantly. Everyone should ask for himself or herself: do you love your lover? What...
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