How Math Relates to Everyday Life

Topics: Papua New Guinea, Mathematics, Force Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: February 12, 2009
How Math is Incorporated in Everyday Life
Science Daily has reported that there has been a group of Andalusia and French scientists that have made a mathematical model that can study and predict some variations of tsunamis, and submarine avalanaches or underwater landslides. These mathematicians are already using these equations to study landslides on the island of Albora’n near Spain.

These Scientists have established the effectiveness of these equations using data from a Tsunami that occurred in the year of 1998 in Papua New Guinea. These scientists have a partnership with geologists from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography. They are also studying the tsunamis and landslides that have occurred in the past in the area of Albora’n, and they are also studying further to predict these natural disasters in the Albora’n Marine Basin.

One of the Authors of the study, Enrique D. Fernandez Nieto, Explains that rock fall can be explained by the existence of a rough slope at the bottom of a rock fall, by an excess of underwater material, or by a strong stream that can move a layer of sediments and cause it to collapse. The Scientists study these events using the equation called the “Savage – Hutter Equation”, named after the two scientists who came up with the solution to study these underwater occurrences.

In order to come up with this model, these scientists had to know the porosity of the rocks, that is how hard or soft the rocks were. They had to know the forces on the rocks, or the strength of the streams in the water. Also the scientists had to know about the Coulomb Friction Term. The friction that is created between the rocks is what creates the slope, and this is how the Coulomb Friction Term was applied.

In addition to the Coulomb Friction, these mathematicians had to calculate other variables such as the buoyancy of the submerged material, or how much of the object floats underwater. They also had to calculate the topography of the land, and the...
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