How Math Is Used in Our Lives

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  • Published : April 27, 2009
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Our world is surrounded by mathematics. Math is a very important element in our daily lives. We use math for several reasons, for things that are required as well as those that we’re just interested in knowing. Math is used for personal aspects in our lives as well as professional features. The most important notion of this and also cited in the Principles and Standards material, everyone needs to be able to use Math in some sort of setting, whether its work, personal, or for further study.

According to the principles and standards for school mathematics, students aren’t learning the mathematics they need. Students who are not engaged in nor have a lack of commitment in the subject, doesn’t demonstrate an interest or good performance in the area. All students should be provided with the best mathematics education possible.

The six principles for school mathematics address the following themes: Equity (high expectations and strong support for students) , Curriculum (must be a focal point on important mathematics and well coherent across grades, Teaching (understanding what the child knows and needs to learn and challenging that), Learning (students must learn with a sense of understanding) , Assessment (should be a link to supporting the learning of mathematics and supply useful information to both teacher and student) and Technology (a tool that is influential in this subject and enhances learning of students). Standards for Pre K- Grade 2

During the grades of Pre K '' Grade 2, students are building beliefs about what math is. They began to learn what it is and began performing mathematical tasks. These beliefs are influential in their thought process about math.

At an infant age, they began to recognize and discriminate among small numbers of objects. According to this standard adults and parents can play an important role in the growth of learning mathematics by providing settings that encourage thinking. When children enter school, each has...
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