How Management Can Undermine Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Management, Human behavior Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: May 9, 2013
How management can undermine motivation at work
First of all I’ll have to say I was surprised by the results of the questionnaire taken as it showed that I’m a moderately autonomy supportive (MA) manager. Based on previous experiences in leadership roles and feedback from my teams and friends I would have claimed to be a highly controlling manager, who mainly dictates and prescribes the solution to employees as I deem it quicker and more effective than letting them figure out solutions themselves. I do appreciate the fact however that in certain situations the employees should be encouraged to deal with their own issues as this could motivate and make them feel as they are more empowered, leading to mutually beneficial consequences to all the stakeholders within the company whilst not losing too much time as I can point them into a direction of comparison with another similar employee. Having a moderately autonomy supportive manager will come with great benefits to the employees working under his control such as proactive motivation. Proactive motivation is Parker S. K. (2010, May 14) ‘About making things happen, anticipating and preventing problems, and seizing opportunities. It involves self-initiated efforts to bring about change in the work environment and/or oneself to achieve a different future’. This will mean workers under my management will have the option to exploit their potential skills as well as improve their problem solving. However not all employees are suitable for proactive motivation as this will depend on the personality, existing skills as well the personal values therefore in some cases it will not be as effective as others and I will need to take stronger control of matters regarding the best interest of the company. Being an (MA) allows the manager a broader set of options in motivating his workforce as well as solving issues. In contrast with a highly controlling manager who by just making rules and punishing breaching these can lead...
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