How Mafia and Us Government Are Related

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  • Published: March 10, 2013
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Jake Allen

Professor Stapleton

FYS Research Paper

April 11th, 2010

Mafia vs. U.S. Government

Crime is prevalent everywhere. No matter where we turn it’s among us whether in the midst of shadow of an unknown party or on the fifty-inch TV broadcasting the State of the Union speech. Yet, we are oblivious to the crimes occurring around us. We are unable to envision the tremendous corruption resting around the lurking street corners contributed by the Mafia. At the same time we cannot ponder that idea elected officials are too worthy to be labeled criminals. Even though, many citizens are oblivious to both distinctive groups of criminals, there is a great similarity between both parties. The hierarchy and structure of the Mafia and the U.S. Government are identical and correlate to equal success of both factions. Both groups are capable of completing crime through this system and become undiscovered, given there isn’t a flaw within the system. Many would argue that the U.S. Government and the Mafia’s crimes are not on the same plateau, but given the power and prestige of the government they should be held to higher standards when sentencing is decided. The Mafia is portrayed as a secret faction that keeps strong ties to its group while raising mischief within the community in order to promote lucrative living conditions. Their consistent secrecy and ruthlessness has been the motivating factor for its success in producing video games such as, Grand Theft Auto IV, where a player can live the lives of the Mafia by shooting disgruntled associates, picking up hookers, or visiting the boss. The Mafia’s fame has landed the TV show Sopranos. The show tells the story of the life of a crime boss of the DiMeo family, Tony Soprano, who robs, kills, and lies, to everyone around him. Also, the movie The Godfather, which is the second placed ranked film of all-time, portrays the life of Don Corleone and how he has built the largest Mafia empire...
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