How Lyndon Baines Johnson Killed John F. Kennedy

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  • Published : September 29, 2008
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How Lyndon Baines Johnson killed John F. Kennedy
What if the greatest unsolved murder of the century has already long been solved? What if the real mastermind of the murder was right in front of everyone, in the form of Former Vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson? Think about it! He had the resources the motive, he and the CIA made some of the more questionable moves after the assassination, and his explanation of JFK’s death has been questioned by many. Lyndon Baines Johnson undoubtedly masterminded the assassination of JFK. The biggest question other than who killed JFK is why. At the time of his assassination, JFK was not exactly the most respected man in America. He had dangerously betrayed Sam Giancana, the Chicago mob boss, when his Administration cracked down on organized crime even though they had promised that it was all for show (Kroth 105). After the disaster that was known as the “Bay of the pigs”, JFK placed the entire blame of its failure on the CIA and was planning on withdrawing troops from Vietnam. He also used the Bay of Pigs incident as an excuse to fire agents form the CIA (Current Affairs who killed JFK 2). They all had a problem with JFK, but did not have the guts to actually do anything about it, with the exception of Johnson. There were rumors that Johnson was about to be dropped from the ballot in the re-election campaign, and at the time he was being questioned about his involvement in an extortion and bribery racket dating back to 1957 (Kroth 96). Also during the JFK presidency, Johnson felt misused when JFK held powerless used him very rarely in political aid. This is where Lyndon B. Johnson’s ingenious plot comes in. If he could somehow become President, all his problems would be solved. He could avoid both jail time from the extortion charge and being dropped from the ballot. Lyndon obviously knew that he was powerless unless he got support from the CIA and Mafia. He knew that each organization faced their own share of...
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