How Lucky You Are

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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How Lucky You Are
‘’How Lucky You Are’’ is a short story written by Debi Alper. It is published in the year of 2010. The story takes place in Britain, and it is about a boy called Max and his relationships between the people he is fond of. We got told the story from an omniscient narrator. In the beginning of the story we got a flash back in Max’ childhood. It is told that Max’ father had left him and his mom when he was younger - and that is why Max is careless about the resources he got offered. For example he is indifferent with the fact of he can go to school whenever he wants and that he got a mother who really cares about him. He just ‘’bunks off’’ in school, and is not interested about his exams, homework and all this, but one day he met that special girl called Ishraqi. She turned his point of view in life. Ishraqi is an immigrant from Iran. Both of her parents are arrested at an anti-government demonstration. She came to Britain as an ‘’un-accom-pained-minor.’’ Ishraqi is just going to get her Certificate of Secondary Education, but even before the education something happens. Ishraqi’s supporter is Alexsa. She has a job in the refugee center, and she tries to keep Ishraqi in the country. It seems to be difficult because it was determined that Ishraqi had to get back to her own country - Iran. This is the story about losing everything in no time. The widest theme in this short story is about to appreciate the thing you have. And that is what our main character - Max does. In the beginning of the story he did arguing a lot with his mother. He thinks that she is just nagging about homework and taking responsibility - mentally at this time he is just a little kid. Not knowing anything about what life can bring; ‘’Just that morning he’d a huge row with his mum. She drove him crazy (..)’’. Linie 128, page 11. But after the meeting with Ishraqi, everything turns around. He discovers how lucky he is for having the possibilities at his disposal; ‘’He thought...
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