How Loyalty and Honor Is Shown Throughout the Hobbit

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Introduction: ‘The Hobbit’ is a fictional novel, written by J.R.R.Tolkien, built upon the foundation of loyalty and honor. Without the virtues loyalty and honor, the story would not have been able to take place. Loyalty is clearly shown as Bilbo never leaves his companions. Honor is displayed by Thorin who displays this quality right from the beginning until the end. The foundation of ‘The Hobbit’ is built upon loyalty and honor. Tolkien has built his entire story line upon these virtues. To be loyal is to be faithful and respectful to one’s oaths and commitments whereas to display honor, is to stay true to their word whether or not risk or harm is of consequence. Thorin is loyal to his forefathers and as a result heads off ‘to find our long-forgotten gold.’ This act of loyalty, to restore honor to Thorin and his descendant’s name, is the whole story line of the novel. If the dwarves had not been loyal to Gandalf then, the ever-necessary, Bilbo would not have accompanied them on their adventure. If the dwarves had not been honorable to the lake men then the battle of five armies would never have happened. Loyalty to others, such as Beorn and the eagles, was essential due to the fact that they were in various problematic situations. Without loyalty and honor, as is displayed by Bilbo, the whole story line would not exist, and the dwarves would not have made it to the end of their quest if it did. Loyalty is displayed in ‘The Hobbit’ when Bilbo stays with his companions, and as a result the dwarves develop a sense of loyalty and respect towards Mr Baggins. Bilbo thought ‘that it was his duty,’ to turn back for the dwarves after escaping the tunnels of Moria. He did this for he ‘did not wish to dessert the dwarves.’ Another similar circumstance arises when the dwarves are captured by the wood elves. Bilbo has respect for his companions and therefore displays loyalty by returning to them. After the incident in the tunnels, the dwarves display a lack of loyalty...
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