How Love Has Changed Me

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  • Published : April 16, 2007
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How Love Has Changed Me
A person's character defines who they are as an individual, and is often shaped by their past experiences. In my life, being in love has had a positive change in my character. It has taught me to be more honest, selfless, and appreciative. Not only has this made me a better person, it has allowed me to live a better life.

The love for my friends has changed me to be a more honest person. I have learned that in order to create a solid friendship with someone, I need to be able to trust them completely. In order to build that trust, I need to feel that the other person is completely honest with me. One defining moment I remember where I first considered one of my friends to be a true friend was when we were sitting together in art class one afternoon. We were working away on a project where we had to paint self portraits of ourselves. I was ready to hand mine in, but I felt like there was something that I didn't like about it that I couldn't put my finger on. I asked my friend for her opinion, and she bluntly said, "You drew your eyes too close together, and your nose looks a little awkward." At first, I couldn't help but take that opinion personally. I sat there for a few minutes a little confused and hurt, but I realized that my friend didn't mean to hurt my feelings; she simply gave me her honest opinion. This has made me realize that it is important to not just tell your friends what they want to hear, but tell them the truth, even when the truth could hurt.

The love for my boyfriend has changed me to be more selfless. Before having a boyfriend, I was a very selfish person. I only cared about myself and did not care to take into consideration anyone else's feelings, not even my parents or teachers. The only thing that mattered to me seemed to be my own happiness. After being in a relationship, I have learned that it is important to compromise. Being in love with my boyfriend has made me realize that we both have to work together...
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