How Life Was Growing Up

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Being the youngest sibling of three has always been hard on me. I was the only girl and growing up with my two brothers has always had its downfalls. I not only had to be around my brothers at all times, I was also surrounded by too many male cousins. Quite frankly, I can count how many female cousins I have in one hand. It is a real shame what a girl had to do just to be one of the guys. I was seven years old at the time and I still remember what happened like it was just yesterday.

For the summer break my brothers and I along with our cousins stayed with our grandparents. My grandparents own acres and acres of land in the Philippines. Day by day we did nothing but run around the field, tackled each other, scared off the animals, and climbed trees. One summer day, we were playing tag and two of my cousins mentioned that they were getting bored. We then started playing truth or dare. Everything was going smoothly until I was dared to climb the highest tree my grandparents had. I was dared to climb the tree to picked fruits for everyone. Without thinking about it, I climbed the tree so fast with confidence I thought I was a super girl. However, what they did not know was I was scared of heights. I was trying my best to hide my fear, but as I looked down the ground, I started screaming for help. I watched my cousins along with my brothers laughed so hard few tears were coming down the side of their eyes. I then started crying out for help. Eventually one of my brothers came to my rescue. However as I was going down, one of my feet slipped. As I tried grabbing on to something for support, my life flashed before my eyes. As I was falling, nothing but grasp for air was the only sound you could hear. I fell onto the ground twelve feet high and fracture my forearm.

It has been 18 years since the incident happened. Until this day, the memory of how I broke my arm still lives on through gathering with my families. As an adult, we still tend to...
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