How Laws Are Made

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How Laws are made.
Allison Anderson
Charter College

In this paper I will outline how laws are created in the United States. And mention some odd laws that are on the books in various states.

How Law is created.
A person cannot read a newspaper without coming across an article that has a legal background or spin to it. From articles on politics to companies merging, each can be looked at from a legal stand point. Laws govern society’s actions every day; from how we drive our vehicles, to where we can build our houses and businesses. Law is in twined in to our lives. Each country has its own unique legal system. The U.S. has fifty unique states that make it up and each of those states have laws that are unique to the individual state they came from. So how did laws in America come to be? Who Makes the Law?

The United States government operates the principle of federalism. The Citizens are regulated by two separate governments the federal and state. The federal government retains limited power over all fifty states. The individual State governments have power to regulate within their state boundaries. State powers are limited in that states cannot make laws that conflict with the laws of the federal government. Both at the federal and state levels, the laws of the United States were largely derived from the common law system of England, which was in force during the time of the Revolutionary War. However, U.S. law has diverged greatly from its English ancestor in terms of substance and procedure, by incorporating a number of civil law innovations. (Hames, 2010) The federal government and each state have constitutions—documents whose primary purpose is to establish the government and define its functions and obligations in relationship to the people. The U.S. Constitution establishes and defines the role of the federal government and its relationship to the people of the United States. The U.S. Constitution applies only to the federal...
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