How Kingfisher Can Come Out of Current Adverse Situation?

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“How kingfisher can manage yield to come out of current adverse situation?”

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The “King of Good Times” is facing some grim times at the moment. Airline group chief and billionaire business tycoon, Dr.Vijay Mallya is struggling to keep India’s Kingfisher Airlines afloat due the surging fuel costs and fuel taxes. In the past week, the Bangalore-based carrier has cancelled 200 flights in hopes to reduce its debt from rs. 6,500 crore(INR 1 crore=10 million) (about $1.4 billion) to rs. 3,000 crore ($600 million). Kingfisher has suffered a loss of Rs.1027 crores ($200 million) in the past fiscal year, adding to its mounting debt.

Now the airline is seeking a government bailout while members on the Kingfisher board are meeting to explore ways out of their financial turmoil, including a proposal to sell more than half its property.  Opposition parties in India, including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), strongly oppose a government bailout package to help the cash-strapped airline. Even the chief of Bajaj Auto, Rahul Bajaj, has spoken out against the bailout for Kingfisher, saying “If Bajaj Auto gets into a mess, would you bail me out? “If it’s a free market economy, those who die, must die,” Bajaj told reporters at an economic forum in Mumbai. With the exception of IndiGo, India airline carriers on the whole seems to be taking a hit. Jet Airways reported a loss of $158 million for the quarter ending September. The airline attributed the loss to high fuel and currency devaluation. SpiceJet also reported rs 240 crore (approx $48 million) net loss. The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) forecasts that the...
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