How Jesus Used Parables to Teach People About the Kingdom of God

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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How Jesus used Parables to teach people about the Kingdom of God. Jesus often used parables to teach people about the kingdom of god. Parables are a Jewish style of storytelling, they are drawn from ordinary life so they are easily relateable to the person listening so they can imagine them and apply them to their own lives making it easier for them to understand the message. Many of Jesus' parables refer to simple everyday things, such as a woman baking bread (parable of the Leaven), a man knocking on his neighbour's door at night (parable of the Friend at Night), or the aftermath of a roadside mugging (parable of the Good Samaritan), yet they deal with major religious themes, such as the growth of the Kingdom of God, the importance of prayer, and the meaning of love. They do not define things precisely, but use comparisons to point us in the direction of an understanding of how God works. The meaning of parables is never too obvious, the purpose of parables is not to settle issues, but to challenge us to think more deeply about the issues. Jesus didn't expect the listener to understand exactly what he was saying. If you think you know what a parable means the first time you hear it, chances are you missed the point. Parables help us see beyond the obvious into the deeper meaning that Jesus had in mind. That is why the parables of Jesus continue to fascinate us two thousand years later. The parables of Jesus have been quoted, taught, and discussed since the very beginnings of Christianity. A parable was a clear attempt by Jesus to reach those who did not believe or understand. To them, parables are aids to understanding truth. Jesus told his disciples that he couldn't give them the secrets to the kingdom of God if they did not have faith in him.

People rejected Jesus as the Messiah,so Jesus used his parables to “draw them” to the Kingdom of God. So in a sense the parable would provide an even wider door for people to enter if they had any faith at...
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