How It Projects Are Managed

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: May 17, 2013
2.2 Area B: How IT projects are managed.
2.2.1 Background
Nowadays, in the digital society, there is high risk of building information system project, in which the IT Project management is the key issue. So it is a large significant to study the efficiently project management. IT project management differs from other management systems in the way that it deals specifically with how information is handled via both software and hardware. Through the interview, we can have a clearly idea on how IT project managed, what is the problem and countermeasures towards the issues. 2.2.2 Problem

In IT Project, there are some issues need to be concerned during management: when a project starts, usually there are two teams assigned to finish the project. However, it is still a problem that needs to audit whether it is good for the project and the developing cost. During the project management, the choice of technologies and software is very important for the manager. If any errors occur, a good technology might be extremely help for the trouble shooting. In a project, there is important to prevent the errors occur, and when errors occur, there are some sort of countermeasures to resolve the problem. What kind of measures should the manager do to prevent or reduce the errors occur? In a IT project, the essential issue is the security problems, so the manager not only concerning to errors, but also they have to concern the environment safety as well. 2.2.3 Decision and Justification

Compared with other management, IT project management is a technical knowledge. Which one needs both professional knowledge and experiences in a project. When we decide to undertake a project, we usually divide the project into two or three parts. More division, more complexity to be assembled and more labour cost for client. Usually one of the groups is responsible for the coding while the other is responsible for testing. However, the division amount of groups is depends on the scale of the...
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