How Is the World Going to End?

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How Is the World Going to End?

By | Feb. 2011
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Have you ever thought that a big volcano may rotate our planet, so the Amazon will be the North Pole, or if we might have the exactly day of our end because an ancient tribe left us our future writing in a calendar? Those stories are listening everyday in our surrounded. Human beings are always interested in knowing about their future. Depending on our culture and beliefs, the ideas of how-the-world-is-going-to-end can vary. Our world, as we know, could change in any moment but when or how are frequently questions that we make. There are three main hypotheses about how the world is going to end. Cataclysmic pole shift is the first hypothesis about how the world is going to end. To understand this hypothesis, we have to know that our planet is not a solid sphere. There is a bulge in a specific point in equatorial line, and it gives stability to the planet. If this bulge starts to go down and up, it might unbalance our planet and the axis may suffer an extreme rotation (Maloof, 2006). For example, it could be possible if a giant volcano begin to form out the equatorial line. This change might rotate the planet, and Central America may be a new pole. This event will destroy the live on the world. It has been discussed and predicted by different people and tribes, but researchers conclude that this event might take millions of years, and the evidence show that the last time when the planet suffered a rotation was 800.000 million years ago about ~55° (Wikipedia). Two excellent Scientifics wrote a book about the end of planet earth. They explain the whole process of the end of our planet. The increase in the temperate following with the end of our sun is the first step to complete the end of the life as we know. After this period, the planet is going to come back to the ice age, and a new life with microorganism will rise again. However, this process could take at least 12 billion years (Ward, 2003). Most of people expect that the end of the world will be a fast...

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