How Is the Relationship Between Catherine and Eddie Presented in This Extract? (First Scene in Play)

Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: May 24, 2013
How is the relationship between Catherine and Eddie presented in this scene? (First scene in play)

This extract occurs at the very beginning of the play. We do not know anything about the characters yet and therefore the audience is open to being introduced to the relationship between Eddie and Catherine. The extract begins with Catherine waiting eagerly for Eddie to come home. The audience straight away notices a sense of strangeness in their relationship due to Eddie’s behaviour. He is ‘pleased and therefore shy about it;’ this to the audience is strange due to the supposed father/daughter relationship they are meant to have. The inappropriate sense circling the characters now intensifies as Catherine says ‘I just got it. You like it?’ She knows she looks attractive and wants Eddie to see this. Eddie tells her its ‘beautiful,’ but now progresses into a more suitable fatherly role also stating that ‘its too short’. Through the protective speech used Miller presents Eddie as a caring about Catherine and also showing the audience that even though he is her Uncle, these characters are very close and are able to give their opinions to each other. Towards the end of this extract however, the audience begins to sense that eddies opinions may go beyond just being protective of Catherine. ‘You’ve been giving me the willies the way you walk down the street.’ By stating this Eddie has shown the audience that he has noticed her sexual attractiveness in a way that he, as her guardian, should not have. With Eddie clarifying this point to Catherine it shows that he wants her to address this situation and be aware of the way she may come across to other men, again implying the protective father side of him. However, the audience notice the always-underlined point of whether a father figure is all Eddie wants to be for Catherine. This sense of Eddies over protectiveness of Catherine is highlighted, ‘you’re walking wavy.’ This again shows that though Eddie is trying to be...
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